Blended Learning ConsortiumNew Blended Learning Courses

  • Independent study courses
  • Organised into shortish topics for flexible timing.
  • Available to students 24/7 if they have an internet connection.
  • Self-marking quizzes with feedback
  • Scores automatically recorded in Moodle grade book
  • If students complete a topic (that contains answerable questions) with a score of 80% or more, a tick will appear in the box next to the topic. In future they will receive badges as well.
  • Lecturers can see student scores for all topics in the Grader Report.
  • To view the progress (activity completion) made by your student group, for each module/topic, watch this video .

The courses are organised by curriculum area. 

  • Enrol your students by cohort, click here for video guide and screen shots.
  • The course will appear on their My courses list
  • You can also link to these course from your own Moodle course.