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Want to be an extra on the show Sick of It? Hurry!
by CNWL Moodle Support - Friday, 20 October 2017, 10:54 AM

Apply now if you would like a chance to be an extra in the show 'Sick of It'

How to apply

Send your student ID, full name, phone number and email address to Lakis Katsaras at

Deadline for applying: Monday 23rd October before noon.

Thursday 26th October

7:00am to ...

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LRC Half Term Opening
by CNWL Moodle Manager - Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 3:55 PM

Monday 23 October - Friday 27 October

The Willesden Learning Resources Centre will be open 10:00am - 2:00pm

The Wembley Open Learning Environment will be closed all week

CNWL Online Support
Online tutorials for eligible 16-19 year old students
by CNWL Moodle Support - Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 1:24 PM

We now offer online tutorials to 16-19 year old students, excluding those on ESOL courses. 

You can access them by clicking the button below (you can find it with other similar buttons above).

Online tutorials

The package covers a variety of topics

  • Employability
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Development

Students have already been sent their login details via their student email address.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Mark Dellar

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Extension Maths and English
by CNWL Moodle Manager - Wednesday, 4 October 2017, 11:17 AM

To all students enrolled on either Extension Maths or English.

The  purchase of the online packages necessary for this is in progress and should be completed soon. When it is, you will be informed and will then be able to start working through the materials. Apologies for the delay, thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

Mark Stacey, Interim Director of Curriculum.

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Financial Times Online
by CNWL Moodle Manager - Thursday, 14 September 2017, 2:19 PM

As part of an arrangement with Lloyds bank, 16 -18 year old students plus staff can now get free access to FT online.


Please go to this address -


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